R Radford & Son Pty Ltd, PO Box 825 (Skinners Road), Warragul, Victoria 3820

Phone: +61 3 5623 5546

Family Owned Company.


Founded in 1946, Radfords provide a fully integrated Abattoir, state-of-the-art Boning Room, extensive refrigeration, load-out and superior logistics to both suppliers and customers. These facilities are complimented by our closed loop recovery and recycling protocols that ensure our environmental sustainability.


Tier 1 export accreditation, continues our investment in recent years in new and enhanced facilities, leveraging our Certified Organic and Meat Standards Australia (MSA) status and along with the numerous industry appointments held by MD Robert Radford, clearly establishing Radfords as a centre of excellence in red meat processing.

The Radford family continue to be a pivotal part of the West Gippsland community, with a commitment to a family run business that delivers integrity in what we say, reliability in what we do and value in what we sell.


Assessed by industry colleagues, the wider business world and our local community, the numerous accolades awarded Radfords across all key aspects of our business attest to our commitment to...

…Leading Victoria in Meat Processing.