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A Centre of Excellence for Meat Processing


Reflecting our policy of Continuous Improvement, Radfords are committed to ensuring our Plant and Equipment and supporting infrastructure utilize the best available technology. Combined with our long-standing and ongoing support of Industry improvement programs and commitment to environmental sustainability, this on-going reinvestment has firmly established our business as a “Centre of Excellence” for meat processing:


Our Technology


Radfords have created a fully integrated beef, sheep and goat meat processing facility that utilises state-of-the-art technology across all operations. Notable investments in recent years include:


Further enhancing our "cut-to-carcass" product traceability systems; our In-house development and installation of a highly cost effective and reliable system for tracking small-stock from delivery to despatch, with an expected 98% accuracy.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning has fully integrated all existing operational and management systems, providing near immediate responses to internal control, customer feedback and request for information.

To our knowledge, Radfords remain the only Australian abattoir with a water recycling system, that can capture, process and return plant waste water to Grade A and potable standard

Our People


Having the best people in meat processing in Australia delivers our Customers the highest standards of product integrity, quality, consistency and service:


The benefits derived from investment in state-of-the-art processing facilities are amplified many times by having the best people working in and managing those facilities.


People such as Roger Becherer, working for Radford’s for well-over thirty years, Roger’s knowledge and expertise in Livestock Management has been an integral part of Radford’s successes.

In a completely hands-on environment, MD Robert Radford’s expertise in livestock assessment and qualifications in both wholesale and retail butchering provide both the day-to-day and strategic leadership of the Radford team.

Processing, Quality Assurance, Logistics and Sales are headed by managers with many years of experience in their particular fields and supported by an Administration group with an in depth understanding of both the business and the industry.


Striving for personal excellence extends throughout our organization, with skills upgrading and training hallmarks of our commitment to ensuring the Radford team have the resources to remain at the forefront of the industry’s best.


Any amount of money and resources spent of developing employees comes too little if job satisfaction and a harmonious working environment are lacking. Notably, Radford employees have typically provided the company with many years of continuous service and, in all its' years of operation, Radfords have not lost a single day to industrial disputes!


Combining our Industry Leadership, Experience, formally acknowledged and accredited expertise and a harmonious working environment means Radford’s deliver the highest standards of product integrity, quality and consistency and a responsiveness to customer needs that is second to none. It also enables Radfords to immediately and appropriately respond to intermittent customers queries and to advise customers on emerging issues and how best to leverage the many value chain opportunities that Radford customers enjoy.


Our commitment to both the practice and principals of quality products and the highest of service standards is clearly evidenced by the numerous industry leadership roles undertaken by MD Robert Radford; including:

Vice Chairman - Australian Meat Industry Council – Victorian Domestic Processors Council


President - Wholesale Butchers Credit Services


Board Member and Past Chairman - Lardner Park Events


Member – Australian Meat Processors Council


Member - Victorian Government Advisory Committee - Cattle National Livestock Identification System


Member - Victorian Government selection committee for Prime safe board


Founding Member - Committee for Gippsland (C4G)


Board Member – Advisory board member for Baw Baw Shire Council


Our Contact Us page provides directions for communicating with any of the dedicated and expert Radford team members.

Animal Welfare


Radfords wholeheartedly subscribe to the ethos that livestock should only experience one bad day in their life.


When animals enter our stockyard and for the duration of our custody, they are  are either penned on undercover clean soft flooring, with ample fresh feed and water, or allowed to graze the near sixty-five hectares of grassland surrounding the abattoir.


Thus; the animal enjoys sufficient time to recover from any transport anxiety and, demonstrated by our decades of assessment, the more relaxed and calm the animal is prior to processing, the better the quality of meat produced.


Environmental Sustainability


Consistent with both our social responsibility objectives and the imperatives of conducting a business that is environmentally sustainable


Responding to the unpredictability of Australian weather and the high possibility of prolonged drought; Radfords have invested $1.4 million in “Water and Energy Recovery” projects to both secure our water supply and mitigate our energy (electricity and gas) consumption.


Evidenced by the support these projects attracted from both the Victorian and Federal Governments; both the R&D and now proven outcomes offer significant benefits to both the Australian red meat industry and other food processing sectors.


A particular outcome of our waste water recycling, is the immediate removal of solids which would otherwise be consigned to settling ponds. Principally consisting of manure, this material is combined with changed-out wood shavings (soft flooring) from our lairage pens, to create a rich fertilizer.

Unlike many businesses; 100% of our raw materials (livestock) is converted to usable product, either as high protein food or recovered by-products which are taken off-site for further processing by others. Nothing goes to landfill or incineration.



Radford Environmental Policy reflects the interaction and interdependences of our technology, people and sustainability objective, requiring that:


“R Radford and Son Pty Ltd will maintain and promote environmental improvement and awareness amongst all staff. Adverse impacts on the environment will be minimised by a combination of continual improvement and monitoring of discharges to the environment so that corrective action can be taken should such discharges create adverse impacts. An acceptable level of environmental performance is the minimum objective. Due diligence shall be demonstrated by integrating care for the environment into the responsibilities and work ethics of each and every employee.”


Notably; our projects, processes and protocols further enhance our considerable investment and established credentials in resource management which provides substantially better energy consumption in comparison to industry indices.


Supporting Tomorrow's Leaders


Radfords recognize that the future of our business, industry and community lies with coming generations.


We have been at the forefront in developing interactive relationships with regional colleges, providing facilities for the practical demonstration of classroom learning, assistance with animal husbandry training and hands-on assistance and guidance for students when participating in external programs and events.



Supporting the Extended Community


The Radford family and its business are proud to be a life-long residence of West Gippsland and the flow-on effect of our commitment to our host region, has generated billions of dollars of economic activity within the region and the creation of many thousands of jobs!


Meat processing contributes some 75% of our region’s total value of agriculture. Radfords are the only large-scale abattoir in the region processing for domestic consumption and our operations are recognized as critical to the Gippsland red meat industry.


Throughout the years, Radfords have recognised and embraced the importance and benefits of generating reciprocal goodwill across a broad spectrum, and supporting the efforts of others to enrich and enhance our community; annually a range of support is provided to some forty schools and colleges, sporting and social clubs, community groups and service organizations.

Supporting Essendon


Radford's is the longest serving player sponsor, currently sponsoring Dyson Heppel, Cale Hooker and David Myers.


More Information


For more detailed information about Radfords our Corporate Brochure will be available here soon